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Your project, your light.

We have over 30 years experience in the bespoke manufacturing of lighting for hotels. Our factories produce lights to highest quality finish, performance and aesthetics and we can certify products to UL and CE standards.

Over this time we've built up relationships with many artisans and engineers involved in lighting. This includes:

  • Metal works including casting, forging, hand hammering, mills, laser cutting, spinning, stamping and bending
  • Glass blowers
  • Wood workers
  • Lamp shade manufacturers
  • LED manufacturers

We can develop all styles of lighting, using all kinds of materials and finishes. We have direct experience working with:

  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Ceramic, Resin, Marble and Alabaster
  • Onyx and semi precious stones
  • Metals including steel, bronze, wrought iron, titanium, copper, aluminium etc

We can also create fittings with a wide variety of light sources such as candles, warm incandescent, fluorescent, fibre optic, custom-built LED light engines, etc. LED technology has unleashed a new world of creativity as the small form factor of LEDS allows designs never possible before.

A typical bespoke manufacturing inquiry proceeds as follows:

  1. Upon receipt of the project's prerequisites, our staff suggest materials and develop a cost and lead-time estimate for review. We are happy to develop a solution based on a cocktail-napkin sketch, a written or verbal specification, or a fully detailed set of drawings.
  2. Once the schedule and price are approved we can ask the majority of factories to produce computer renderings or even produce a sample unit
  3. On receipt of approval a dedicated client manager takes charge of the project to ensure the project runs on schedule and keep up with any logistical considerations, change requests, etc.
  4. Finally we coordinate shipping and, if required, can provide an on-site installation team for particularly complex projects.